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Planned Giving

Composing a Legacy

Planned Giving is an important component of an overall financial plan. It is a method in which donors may provide a substantial gift to a charitable organization either immediately or at some point in the future. Planned Giving accomplishes the goal of supporting something important to the donor, while possibly satisfying a financial need at the same time.
There are many ways to incorporate Planned Giving into one's life, each with unique properties that apply to different situations. Below you will find details on the many ways you can incorporate Columbus in your long term charitable intent. This is provided for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice. Once you and your family have decided to include charitable giving in your overall plan, it is important to consult with Legal, Financial, and Tax advisors to determine which method best suits your personal situation. Your support for Columbus in this manner is an integral part in our long term growth. Thank You for your consideration!

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    A Bequest is a provision in a Will or Revocable Trust that specifically states an amount or percent of one's estate to be donated to a charitable organization. The organization can receive a bequest in the form of cash, real estate, stocks, bonds, or other marketable securities.
    Click here for Sample Bequest Language.
    If you would like to transfer marketable securities (i.e. stocks, bond, or mutual funds) to Columbus, please email our Chief Financial Officer, Mrs. Ana Perez-Abreu, at for instructions.

    On December 18, 2015, the IRA Charitable Rollover became a permanent law. This law allows taxpayers age 70½ or older to transfer up to $100,000 annually from their IRA accounts directly to charity without having to recognize the distribution as income. This method of giving requires that the gift go from your IRA directly to a qualified charity (i.e. Columbus).

    You may also choose to name a charitable organization as a beneficiary of your IRA (assets will pass at IRA owner's death). Either method will result in the organization receiving funds without any income tax liability to the donor or their heirs.
    Please contact your IRA custodian for necessary forms to accomplish this.

    A Charitable Remainder Trust is an Irrevocable Trust that provides income to the donor and/or their heirs either for life or a specified period of time. When the trust terminates, the balance of the trust is distributed to specified charitable organization(s). Payments to the donor or their heirs can be done either through a fixed payment (annuity) or a fixed percentage that calculates the payout annually. The donor receives a tax deduction based on life expectancy, current interest rates, and payout rate chosen. This method benefits the donor with an immediate tax deduction, ability to transfer appreciated assets without recognizing capital gains, and generating higher income on lower yielding assets.

    A Charitable Lead Trust is an Irrevocable Trust where the organization receives income for a specified period of time, after which the principal reverts back to the donor's heirs or anyone else they choose to designate. It is essentially the opposite of a Charitable Remainder Trust.

    Individuals may give to a charitable organization through ownership of a life insurance policy. Columbus can be named as the beneficiary of an existing or a new life insurance policy. With this method, a donor can make a substantial gift at a fraction of the cost (i.e. pay insurance premiums only and organization receives death benefit, which is typically larger).
    Please contact your insurance representative for necessary forms to accomplish this.

    You can donate property to CCHS, but retain the right to use the property for your benefit as long as you live. Such gifts may present a current charitable deduction and avoid potential capital gains tax on the appreciation.
If you are interested in any of these planned giving options, please contact our Vice President of Advancement, Mr. Nicholas Ramos '04, at 305-223-5650 x2310 or at
Tax laws are complex. Always consult with your own accountant or tax attorney
for professional advice on tax-advantaged giving.
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