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A Catholic School for Young Men in the Marist Tradition since 1958
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Caring Hearts Fund

Helping Explorers Who Encounter an Unforeseen Situation

We are committed to being a source of God’s great goodness and providential care to everyone in our community, and especially to those who are in extraordinary need.  Many of our hardworking and bright young men are struggling against difficult odds as they try to complete their education.  Traditional financial aid helps with tuition, but sometimes that is just not enough.  For young men who lack adequate family support or resources, the caring hearts of his Columbus family can make all the difference.  They need your help!

Your contribution, no matter the size, to The Caring Hearts Fund will help meet needs both big and small.  Three dollars ($3.00) will buy a school lunch—a blessing for the young man who would otherwise go hungry, because there is not extra money and his mother is desperately working raise the family alone.  Your gift could help a student who faces a tragic and unexpected circumstance such as the death of a parent with emergency funds.  What is a mere inconvenience for many of us, something as simple as a flat tire on a car, can be an insurmountable obstacle for a student from a home where a parent can barely keep food on the table.  The Caring Hearts Fund will allow our students to overcome that which could derail their education…and is an opportunity for you to share your blessings with a young man less fortunate. 
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Brotherhood, Faith, and Scholarship define the Marist Brothers Catholic education at Christopher Columbus High School.  By making Jesus Christ known and loved and creating an inspiring academic and extracurricular environment, we prepare young men for higher learning and a life-long commitment to leadership and service through Gospel and Marist values.

Columbus is fully accredited by Cognia and is a member of the Marist Association of Secondary schools, the National Catholic Education Association and the Independent Schools of South Florida.