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What is Marist Education?

The tradition of Catholic education that is known as “Marist” was begun by a French priest, Marcellin Champagnat, in 1817. Today, Marist schools, colleges and universities are found in over eighty countries around the world, leading hundreds of thousands of young people to be what Marcellin believed each of them could be – good Christians and good citizens.

Dismayed by the ignorance he found among the rural children of southern France and spurred on by a strong faith, Father Champagnat initially established a network of village schools. From the beginning, the school reflected many of the qualities of Marcellin himself: they were places where hard work and excellence in academic achievement were valued, places where the individual was genuinely loved and respected, places where a strong family spirit was evident, places where young people developed a positive sense of self, recognized their potential and used their gifts and talents for the benefit of the common good. A special concern was afforded to those students who found school difficult. Above all, the schools were places that had the Gospel at their heart, encouraging students to respond to it with the same faith and generosity Mary did.

The Marist Charism in Today's Schools

The charism received by Marcellin Champagnat is considered a gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church, for the mission of the Church. For two centuries since Marcellin began his work, many people have chosen to embrace this Marist charism as their particular way of making Jesus Christ known and loved. This Marist charism has also provided a distinctive educational style that helps young people to recognize their own giftedness and teaches them to use those gifts to make a difference within our world. Today, the charism which is at the heart of Marist schools and other educational ministries is being expressed by both Brothers and lay men and women. Generations of teachers, have been inspired by the Marist way and have made it the foundation of their pedagogical creed. Marist schools, in their attempt to incarnate the Christian faith in American culture, have become known not only for their academic, athletic and extracurricular achievements but also for their concern for faith development, social justice and service to the community, and for creating a strong family spirit within the school community.

The Mission of Today's Marist Schools

To lead young people to know and love Jesus and Mary, in the belief that they all can become good Christians and good citizens. Inspired by Marcellin Champagnat, Marist educators, before all else, love their students. Their Marial approach is marked by simplicity, family spirit, love of their work and presence in the midst of those whom they are called to serve. Marist schools welcome all young people, whatever their circumstances, offering each one an education which draws faith, culture and life into harmony.

Marist Marks & Pillars: Interconnected Values

As Marist educators, we share the intuition that St. Marcellin and the first Marists had - “to bring up children properly, we must love them, and love them all equally.”  From this principle flow the characteristics or pillars of the Marist style of educating:  presence, simplicity, family spirit, love of work, and following in the way of Mary.  Through our personal witnessing of these pillars, Marist educators, not only help to develop the Marist marks within our students but we also seek to adopt these attitudes and values as our way of enculturating the Gospel. It is the sum of the Marist Pillars and their interaction which gives our Marist style its Spirit-inspired originality.

The Marist Pillars are the foundational characteristics of Marist schools which lead to students developing the Marks of a Marist Student.  By students being immersed in an educational community who live by the Marist Pillars, they develop the traits or marks of a Marist student.  These marks are benchmarks for students graduating from Marist schools in the United States. 

The characteristics described both in the Marist Pillars and the Marks of a Marist Student are Marist values that help to fulfill the Marist Brothers mission - To Make Jesus Known and Loved through the Christian education of youth, especially the most neglected.  The Brothers strive to influence and transform the lives and situations of young people through education and spirituality, challenging them to live their fullest potential in Christ.  Developing educators and students who live by the Pillars and Marks helps achieve their mission.

There are five (5) distinctive pillars that define the educational style and philosophy of Marist schools:


List of 5 items.

  • A Sense of Family Spirit

    • Love of children and a closeness to them 
    • “To educate children first you must love them, and love them equally” - was Champagnat’s golden rule 
    • Relationships in the school that are reminiscent of how members of a good and loving family would relate to each other, especially with teachers dealing with students as big brothers and sisters to little brothers and sisters 
    • Warm, down-to-earth, unpretentious relationships 
    • A strong sense of community and hospitality
  • A Love of Our Work

    • An enthusiasm for the work and mission of the school 
    • Generosity of heart and without any attention-seeking 
    • The honoring of all work and those who undertake it 
    • High expectations of student achievement 
    • Attentive to effective pedagogical methods and open to innovation
  • Simplicity

    • This is a central gospel value and distinguishing Marist characteristic
    • A preference for simplicity of method, of expression and action
    • Transparency and genuineness in relationships
  • Presence

    • “Being present” and “setting a good example”: the two pillars of Marcellin’s approach to education
    • Pedagogy of presence: immersion in the lives of young people, looking for opportunities and ways to be with them and encouraging their efforts
    • Dedicated to the art of teaching with an emphasis on Marist Pedagogy
    • Recognizing learning styles and helping students achieve 
  • In the Way of Mary

    • Mary is the perfect model of a Marist educator
    • Openness to the action and will of God, like Mary of the Annunciation
    • Selflessness, humility and optimism like Mary of the Visitation
    • Sharing in the motherhood of Mary by bringing Jesus to birth, even in the most unlikely of places, like Mary of Bethlehem
    • Presenting Jesus to people, telling them to do as he wishes, like Mary of Cana
    • Sitting with the suffering face of Jesus with love and faithfulness, like Mary of Calvary
    • Forming community and sowing hope, like Mary of Pentecost
As Marist educators,  we accompany our students in their development as people who are rooted in Gospel and Marist values, who develop into good Christians and good citizens.  As such, Marist students should be:

The Marks of the Marist Student

List of 5 items.

  • Faith-filled Disciples

    Marist students come to possess a strong sense of God and a personal relationship with Jesus, Mary and Saint Marcellin fostered through religious formation, a sacramental life, and prayer.
  • Empowered Witnesses

    Marist students, recognizing Mary as their model and companion, become joyful witnesses to God’s love in their lives, enabling them to see Christ in others, to live simply, morally and with integrity, respecting all of life and creation.
  • Agents of Justice and Peace

    Marist students grow in their understanding of Catholic social teaching and stand in compassionate solidarity with the least favored.
  • Servant Leaders

    Marist students recognize that they are lovingly created by God with unique gifts and talents which, through their Baptism, they are called to develop and share with the Church and the wider community.
  • Marist Family Spirit

    Marist students embody a spirit which celebrates and welcomes all people as members of the one family created by God.
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Brotherhood, Faith, and Scholarship define the Marist Brothers Catholic education at Christopher Columbus High School.  By making Jesus Christ known and loved and creating an inspiring academic and extracurricular environment, we prepare young men for higher learning and a life-long commitment to leadership and service through Gospel and Marist values.

Columbus is fully accredited by Cognia and is a member of the Marist Association of Secondary schools, the National Catholic Education Association and the Independent Schools of South Florida.