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Hall of Fame

Acknowledging the Contributions & Accomplishments

Christopher Columbus High School hosts an annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Appreciation Dinner.

This event is dear to the Marist Brothers, administration and faculty because it is our chance to honor those among the Columbus family for their outstanding achievements and for their steadfast dedication to our school.

The Hall of Fame acknowledges the contributions and accomplishments of the individuals who are worthy of recognition and examples for other to emulate.
On behalf of the Marist Brothers, our students, faculty and administration we thank you. 

List of 7 items.

  • A

    Ramon Abadin (Class of 1977)
    Anthony Abraham (Alumni Parent)
    Thomas G. Abraham (Class of 1971)
    Jose “JB” Aleman (Class of 1984)
  • B

    Br. Herb Baker (Educator/Athletic Trainer) 
    Richard R. Baker (Class of 1962)
    John Baumann (Class of 1966)
    Gerald Bean (Alumni Parent)
    Pat Bell (Class of 1965)
    Brother Benedict (1st Principal)
    Jim Bernhardt (Alumni Parent)
    Matt Bernhardt (Class of 1989)
    Patricia Bixby (Alumni Parent)
    Br. Michael Brady (Administrator/Teacher)
    Marc Buoniconti (Class of 1984)
    Dr. E. Carter Burrus (Class of 1962/Teacher)
    Robert Bustamante (Class of 1972)
  • C

    Patricia Call (Administrator)
    Raoul G. Cantero (Class of 1978)
    Michael A. Carricarte (Class of 1959)
    Pedro Garcia-Casals (Administrator/Alumni Parent)
    Rogelio “Roger” Cuevas (Class of 1962)
    Teresa Chomat (Teacher/Alumni Parent)
    Irene Culmo (Teacher/Alumni Parent)
    Br. Kenneth Curtin, fms (Teacher/Campus Minister/Admissions Director)
  • D

    Luis De La Aguilera (Class of 1977)
    Fr. Arthur Dennison (Teacher)
    Paul J. DiMare, Sr. (Alumni Parent)
  • E

    Roberto Estades (Class of 1965)
    Lee Evans (Alumni Parent)
  • F

    Dr. Joseph Fernandez (Class of 1980)
    Manny Figueroa (Class of 1967)
    Maria Rams-Foyo (Educator)
  • G

    Alejandro Galvez (Class of 1992)
    Carlos Gimenez (Class of 1972)
    Patrick J. Gleber (Class of 1977)
    Tito Gomez (Class of 1964)
    Br. Eladio Gonzalez (Guidance Counselor/Teacher)
    Pedro Jose Greer Jr. (Class of 1974)
    Brian Griese (Class of 1993)

List of 7 items.

  • H

    Ignacio Halley (Alumni Parent)
    Br. Kevin Handibode (Administrator, Teacher, Coach)
    Br. John Healy (Educator/Guidance Counselor)
    V. C. (Vince) Hennessy (Class of 1963) 
    Paul Herald (Alumni Parent)
    Thomas Herald, (Class of 1975)
    William Herald (Class of 1971) 
    Alonzo Highsmith (Class of 1983)
  • I

    Dave Isenberg (Educator)
  • K

    Howard J. Korth (Alumni Parent)
  • L

    James Lanier (Class of 1975) 
    Dr. Matthew A. Larkin (Alumni Parent)
    Marcus Lemonis (Class of 1991)
    Carlos Luis (Class of 1985) 
    Tom Lord (Class of 1974)
    John Lynskey (Class of 1978/Teacher/Administrator)
  • M

    Judge Mallory Horton (Alumni Parent)
    Br. Rafael Martin (Teacher/Librarian)
    Fernando E. Martinez (Class of 1983)
    Jorge Mas (Class of 1981/Alumni Parent)
    Jose Mas (Class of 1989)
    Juan Carlos Mas (Class of 1984)
    Miguel Maspons (Class of 1981)
    Douglas “Doug” McClintock (Class of 1966)
    Dick McEnany (Class of 1966)
    Chris McKeon (Administrator/Teacher)
    Br. Patrick McNamara (Administrator)
    Br. Patrick McNulty (Teacher/Counselor)
    John P. Miller (Teacher)
  • O

    Steve O’Brien (Class of 1972/Teacher)
    Cesar T. Odio (Class of 1977)
    Thomas H. O’Neil (Teacher)
    Hernan Organvidez (Class of 1981)
  • P

    Br. Angelo Palmieri (Administrator/Teacher)
    Fred Panzer (Teacher/Alumni Parent)
    Rafael A. Peñalver (Class of 1969)
    David Scott Plummer (Alumni Parent)
    Timothy Plummer (Class of 1983)
    Richard F. Pollock (Athletic Director/Coach)
    David Pugh (Administrator/Alumni Parent)

List of 6 items.

  • R

    Brian Regan (Class of 1976)
    General Victor E. Renuart (Class of 1967)
    David Riley (Teacher/Coach)
    Mr. John F. Roche (Teacher)
    Mark Rodgers (Class of 1977/Teacher)
    Ray Rodriguez (Class of 1969)
    Wayne Rotolante (Class of 1963)
    Br. Bernard Ruth (CCHS Administrator)
  • S

    Alina Sanchez (Educator/Alumni Parent) 
    Robert Sanchez (Class of 1983)
    Joe Sanz (Class of 1972)
    Lewis Savino (Administrator)
    Doug Sawyer (Class of 1975)
    Br. Edmund Sheehan (Librarian/Administrator/Teacher)
    Michael J. Shula (Class of 1983)
    John J. Spiegel (Class of 1967)
    Achille “Butch” Staiano (Educator/Coach) 
    Nicholas Stanham (Class of 1986)
    Roberto Suarez (Class of 1969)
  • T

    Brother Eugene Trzecieski (Teacher)
  • V

    Dr. Franklyn Verdon (Alumni Parent)
  • Y

    Douglas “Doug” Yount (Class of 1967)
  • Z

    Dr. Joseph Zavertnik (Alumni Parent)
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Christopher Columbus High School is a private, Roman Catholic, college-preparatory high school, conducted by the Marist Brothers of the Schools. We aim to make Jesus Christ known and loved, as we prepare young men for higher education and for their continuous challenge of harmonizing faith, culture and life. We foster a family spirit among all who are committed to the success of the school and promote opportunities to work together as a community of learners. 

Columbus is fully accredited by Cognia and is a member of the Marist Association of Secondary schools, the National Catholic Education Association and the Independent Schools of South Florida.