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Whether you are exploring a new career, looking for a professional network to join, or seeking an alumni business, Christopher Columbus High School is committed to helping you achieve your professional goals.

We are proud to introduce our new Alumni Career Services web page which features a number of resources and job opportunities exclusively for Columbus alumni.  It also offers essential information that alumni can use to succeed in today’s increasingly, hyper-competitive job market.  We encourage all our alumni to take advantage of this valuable resource. 

Help with Mentoring & Job Search
Considering a career change? Just getting started? Need help with your resume or a big interview? Mentoring services are available to assist with the next step in your career plans. The Columbus Connects Mentoring Program will partner you with a fellow Explorer with experience in your field of interest. Additionally, we have various part-time and full-time time job opportunities available for Explorers.  See the list below. We can also help young alumni looking for internship opportunities.

Explorers, this is a tool specifically FOR YOU that houses opportunities from employers looking to hire YOU!
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Through this online tool, Columbus alumni can:
  • see part-time and full-time jobs opportunities
  • sign up for the Mentorship Program
  • update his contact information
  • stay connected with the overall Columbus Connects Program
A hallmark of the Columbus community is our commitment to help one another. Our dedicated alumni base of 15,000+ regularly gives their time and expertise to make a positive difference in the lives of fellow Explorers. For more information, contact our Alumni Director Barbara Branas at

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  • Ballistic Test Lab Technician

    Applied Fiber Concepts is currently seeking an individual to fill its Ballistic Test Lab Technician role.  The ideal candidate should have some experience with firearms and/or ammunition, but this is not a requirement as actual personal firearms are NOT used in this role, and extensive training is provided.  All ballistic testing is done in a very controlled scientific environment with safe and secure protocols and equipment that is permanently fixed to the ground and specifically designed for testing.  Responsibilities include preparing test samples which will eventually involve actually producing samples but initially must have the ability to communicate with production personnel instructing them to produce proper samples.  Must learn how to use and maintain all instruments and fixtures in the test lab, including but not limited to clay test blocks, chronographs, universal receivers, test barrels of all calibers, manual bullet loader, calipers, scales, thermometers, crane.  Education in the following areas would be advantageous:  statistics, spreadsheets, math, weights and measures, conversions among weights and measures, industrial or manufacturing engineering, textile or polymer engineering, physics.  Must be a self-starter that is willing to learn new things such as actually learning how to cut and sew the test samples, learning to design armor composites, learning differences in materials and how they react to various threats, learning to run an autoclave that produces hard armor composites.  This could be considered an entry-level position, but with unlimited potential, if the ambition to grow with the organization is evident.  Starting salary would be commensurate with experience and knowledge level.  Bilingual English/Spanish a plus.

    Contact Person:
    Alex F. Cejas
    Location: Miami, Florida
    Application Close Date: 5/31/21
  • Business Development for Insurance & Securities Agency

    Oakley Financial Services' aim is to help individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals. Our approach is straightforward. You tell us about your current situation and about your financial objectives and when you want to achieve them. We develop a practical plan designed to help you meet those objectives. We’ll discuss the plan with you and agree on the course of action you want to take. Whilst the final decisions are of course yours, we’re here to help and guide you with jargon-free advice both now and in the future.

    Contact Person:
    John W. Oakley CLU 
    Location: Tampa Bay, FL. 
    Application Close Date: 5/31/21
    • Analyze current and past financial data, such as sales reports, and provide strategies to cut costs and increase revenue.
    • Perform market research to identify new opportunities and engage with executives to establish strategies for pursuing those new opportunities.
    • Create and improve proposals for our existing and new clients.
    • Prepare the company budget and continually track expenses, as well as make sure we're on track to hit revenue targets.
    • Provide training and mentoring to members of the business development team.
    • Develop and deliver pitches for potential investors.
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  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Position Overview 

    The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a critical member of SFM Services’ Executive Leadership Team. We are looking for an experienced COO to plan, direct, and oversee our organization’s ongoing business and functional operations. This person will be the second in command, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and is responsible for all day-to-day operations. By setting comprehensive and measurable organizational goals for performance, productivity, quality, and profitable growth - the COO will motivate and inspire employees during this period of transformational growth. The goal of the COO is to set and execute the strategy to scale the business, grow profitably, achieve continuous process improvement - all while providing exceptionally high levels of client satisfaction to our clients. 
    COO will have the following departments/divisions reporting to him/her:  HR, Security, Landscape, Janitorial Services, Landscape Services, Security Services, Human Resources, Fleet & Facilities Management, Safety / Risk Management, & Quality Control. 
    The COO will need to have a ‘roll up your sleeves’ mindset and have the range to think strategically, yet many times get involved in more tactical matters that impact operations.  

    Contact Person: 
    Christian Infante
    Location: Miami, Florida
    Application Close Date: 5/31/21
    Essential Job Functions 

    •    Oversee the annual planning process and its alignment with the strategic plan, target operating model, organizational objectives and budgets, as well as the execution of short- and long-term deliverables.
    •    Develop & enhance strategies that are translated into specific objectives and plans, encouraging cross-functional collaboration to align efforts, and set realistic yet aggressive timeframes for achieving objectives.
    •    Lead the P&L by creating and overseeing functional and business unit operating budgets. Responsible for leading a culture of operating efficiency, efficient management of resources, smart expense discipline, & continuous process improvement.
    •    Create a culture of data-driven decision-making, including the creation and implementation of dashboards, KPI’s and detailed management reporting - driven by data/analytics/metrics in order to improve operating results.
    •    IT- Technology: Continue to drive technology transformation across all business units and functions with new and enhanced tools and technology in order to drive operational improvements and reduce costs.
    •    People: Individual will do continuous comprehensive talent assessments and develop a strong SFM bench to allow the organization to grow, prosper and have the appropriate resiliency.
    •    Continue the development and implementation of enhanced policies, procedures, SOP’s, Best Practices, automation, digitization in order to eliminate manual processes and service clients quicker and faster.
    •    Risk Management / Safety: Drive a culture of pro-active risk management in order to ensure that our clients, employees, and vendors are safe and secure. Ensure that all equipment is operating optimally and efficiently with no hazards. Reduce organizations risk profile by improving loss trends.
    •    Obsessive focus on client engagement to ensure that SFM’s client service delivery is exceeding expectations. This will include constant engagement with clients, implementation, and review of CRM metrics, addressing key complaints and achieving ‘exceptional’ levels of client survey results.
    •    Oversee a comprehensive organization-wide performance management process and work closely with managers to ensure delivery.
    •    Coach and develop managers throughout the organization; ensuring they have the people management and development skills needed to be best-in-class managers.
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  • Laboratory Technician

    ATA Aerospace, a Joint Venture of ATA and ASRC Federal Aerospace Services (AFAS), is currently seeking applicants for a Lab Technician to support various projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, MD. The ideal candidate shall demonstrate through current and past job performance the ability to work with tools and lab equipment.

    Contact Person:
    Andrew Todd Colangelo
    Location: Greenbelt, MD
    Application Close Date: 5/31/21
    The candidate must possess the following skills:
    • ability to work with small tools and components
    • self-starter and independent worker
    • ability to take direction and learn quickly
    • 1-5 years of work experience in a laboratory
    • a basic knowledge of standard test methods, data
      analysis, and operation of analytical instruments
    • understanding of standard computer spreadsheets, word
      processing, and presentation software packages
    • excellent written and communication skills
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  • Mechanical Design Engineer

    ATA Aerospace, LLC. is currently seeking an experienced individual to join our team supporting the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, MD. ATA Aerospace provides engineering service for the branches within the Mechanical Systems Division of the GSFC Engineering and Technology Directorate (ETD) in the development of spaceflight and ground support equipment. In this position, ATA Aerospace is seeking to hire a Mechanical Engineer to support a major project at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. 

    Click here to view a full list of responsibilities  

    Contact Person:
    Andrew Todd Colangelo
    Location: Greenbelt, MD
    Application Close Date: 3/31/21
    • Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited institution in Mechanical Engineering, Optical Engineering, or similar
    • Minimum of 10 years or greater of highly relevant experience; desirable to have experience supporting Spaceflight Projects at GSFC or NASA
    • Preferred experience with mechanisms design and operation based on linear and rotational stage
    • Have sound organization and troubleshooting skills and understand flight hardware design, test execution, and verification activities
    • Must be able to work in a fast-paced, collaborative team environment and communicate effectively (written and oral) with colleagues.
    • All candidates must meet the 22 CFR 120.15 definition of US Persons Sitting, standing, and walking in an office, lab, clean room, and integration & test environment.
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  • Mechanical Engineer

    In this position, ATA Aerospace is seeking to hire an engineer to serve as a Mechanical Engineers for a major flight project at the NASA GSFC. Provide mechanical engineering support to the NASA GSFC Mechanical Engineering Branch and for the spacecraft for a major satellite spaceflight mission. This will be to support a GSFC in-house spacecraft bus in which GSFC is responsible for the design, manufacturing, and integration & test. The engineer is needed to support the spacecraft solar arrays subsystem for the spacecraft and observatory. Engineering duties will include, but not be limited to, performing concept trades, concept design, and detailed design of spaceflight mechanical systems and their components. The engineer will also provide flight fabrication, assembly, and testing services, including the potential development of engineering test units (ETUs). The engineer must have experience in the selection, design and integration & test of mechanical systems, preferably in the aerospace industry.

    Contact Person:
    Andrew Todd Colangelo
    Location: Greenbelt, MD
    Application Close Date: 5/24/21
    • Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited institution in Aeronautical, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering, or equivalent.
    • 5-10 years or greater of relevant work experience in mechanical engineering working with systems, subsystems, and components.
    • Design experience is required.
    • Experience designing space flight hardware/systems or equivalent harsh environments is required.
    • Strong analysis and CAD skills are required. Experience with Pro-Engineer/Creo and Windchill is required.
    • Flight and non-flight drawing experience and GD&T training are required.
    • Experience in the assembly and integration & test is strongly preferred.
    • Experience working in the aerospace industry, DoD or NASA spacecraft, or in-house payload/instrument design, assembly, integration, and test programs is preferred.
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  • Medical Screeners

    Scrivas, LLC is a healthcare staffing company that provides different services to Baptist, Cleveland Clinic, Boca Care, and Nicklaus Children’s that has staffing needs for onsite healthcare screeners at multiple Baptist sites. This opportunity to get basic work experience in a healthcare setting can expose you to new opportunities in the future.

    Contract Person:
    Christos Zaharas
    Location: Miami, FL.
    Application Close Date: 5/31/21
  • Recruitment and Retention Assistant Manager

    SFM is well established and essential company, in the servicing industry, with nearly 50 years of experience. Our Recruitment and Retention Assistant Manager will be a key member in ensuring we are staffed appropriately while assisting in recruitment & retention strategies to fill and maintain positions. We are looking for a motivated HR professional who has the ability to work to attain goals and meet deadlines, without being micromanaged. We empower our HR team to learn, grow, and challenge themselves to help us become the best in the industry.
    How You Will be Successful:
    •    Inspire our candidates through developing relationships and maintain a consistent pipeline of candidates ready to join our team when opportunities become available.
    •    Resource candidates through a variety of recruitment methods such as networking, LinkedIn, use of social media, employee referrals, military recruiting, and job fairs to ensure we find the most qualified candidates who will bring a positive attitude to our team.
    •    Pre-qualify candidates through effective phone screens and face-to-face interviews to ensure only the most qualified and willing candidates are referred to the branch managers for consideration.
    •    Constantly build and maintain a pipeline of candidates on a pro-active basis by utilizing your proven experience and the latest recruiting strategies to meet the specific hiring needs of your designated region.
    •    Lead our recruitment team to satisfy our vacancies and focus on retention strategies
    •    You will build strong relationships with our managers in order to ensure that the most qualified candidates are hired to have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. These relationships will also be developed in order to gain a clear understanding of their staffing goals so that effective recruiting methods will be implemented for each branch.
    •    Lead our recruitment update meetings and ensure all items are actioned upon in a timely matter
    •    Implement new ideas and analytically manage the success. Measured results should be shared with leadership on a weekly basis.
    •    Actively recruit externally by serving as our field recruiter; posting flyers, visiting accounts, implementing/managing our business to an employer referral program
    •    Update our social content for applicants and future recruits to be engaged

    Contact Person: 
    Jozenia Cruz
    SR Human Resources Manager
    Location: Miami, Florida
    Application Close Date: 5/31/21
    Desired Skills for Success:
    Years of Related Professional Experience: 2+ years
    •    A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management or related field and a minimum of two years direct recruitment experience or an equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities
    •    2 years of experience with ATS and HRIS systems
    •    Experience with blue-collar workforce (minimum wage workforce)
    •    Experience working in the service industry
    •    Bilingual (English/ Spanish)
    •    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    •    Excellent organization skills
    •    Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
    •    Proactive attitude that shows anticipatory demeanor
    •    Reliable transportation
    •    Schedule flexibility - While our office hours are 8 am-5 pm, we may require different hours to be covered, in advance.
    •    Strong Analyst skillset
    •    Strong technical skills (Microsoft Office Suite 365)
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  • Senior Project Staff Engineer

    ATA Aerospace is currently seeking a Sr. Project Staff Engineer to join our team supporting the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, MD. ATA Aerospace is looking for candidates to work on engineering services contracts that directly support the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

    Click here to view a full list of duties 

    Contact Person:
    Andrew Todd Colangelo
    Location: Greenbelt, MD
    Application Close Date: 4/30/21
    Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited institution engineering, mathematics, or physical science.
    • 15 years or greater of relevant work experience in the aerospace industry with specific demonstrated technical expertise in relevant analytical areas such as structures, thermal, or electromechanical systems.
    • Significant prior experience with the Mars missions is highly desired.
    • Technical team leadership experience and spacecraft project review experience is required.
    • Work is performed primarily in an office environment.
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