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Health, Welfare & Safety

Before You Come to Campus

Based on the guidance of our expert COVID-19 Return to School Task Force, which includes physicians, health care workers, members of our School Board, community leaders, faculty, and staff, we are OFFERING PARENTS THE OPTION to send their son to school for on campus instruction starting Monday, September 21. We WILL CONTINUE to offer eLearning for those families who would like to keep their son at home until they are more comfortable returning back to on campus instruction.
Enhanced Social Distancing
During this period, we ask that you monitor your health, reduce your contact with others and follow guidance consistent with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including:
  • Taking your temperature 2x a day and monitor for fever.
  • Watching for cough, trouble breathing or additional COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Staying home and avoiding contact with others outside of your home.
  • Maintaining a physical distance from others (about 6 feet).
  • Wearing a face mask or covering when in public settings or while interacting with others outside of the home.
  • Seeking medical attention if you develop a fever, other symptoms and/or test positive for COVID-19. Do not come to campus until you receive further instructions.
Also during this time, parents will be asked to complete a Tell Us Your Preference form that will serve as an overview for CCHS Administration to continue preparing campus/classrooms for the safe return of students.

Enhanced Protocols in the Time of COVID-19

Numerous health, safety measures and precautions have been implemented for the safe return to campus.

  • FACE MASKS will be mandatory for all students except while eating or participating in athletics. Faculty and staff members must wear an appropriate face mask/covering during all classes and activities. One (1) face shield will also be provided to faculty/staff members and can be worn on top of a face mask/covering for added protection.
  • FREQUENT HAND-SANITIZING will be assured as each classroom will have a hand sanitizing station at the door which students will be required to use as they enter and leave the classroom. Dispensers have been installed in every classroom and throughout campus.
  • CLASSROOM SEATING HAS BEEN REARRANGED TO LIMIT FACE-TO-FACE contact. Seating will face one direction only and the students will have assigned seats so that they can take their seats quickly. The teacher will have a set area in front of his/her desk that will be designated as the teaching area and students will not be permitted in that area.
  • DISINFECTING WIPES or SPRAY will be made available in all classrooms to allow faculty and students to clean their desks before and after each class.
  • CLEAR SAFETY PARTITIONS have been added to offices and spaces that require limited face-to-face contact.
  • SIGNS, POSTERS, and FLOOR DECALS featuring COVID-19 health and safety guidance are displayed in every classroom, bathroom and throughout campus.
  • TOUCHLESS WATER BOTTLE FILLING STATIONS have been installed throughout campus, replacing traditional drinking fountains.
  • CLASSROOM AIR CONDITIONING WILL BE PURIFIED and DISINFECTED with a campus-wide, state-of-the-art UV-C Germicidal Lights Sterilization System to ensure circulated air will be treated with shortwave ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microorganisms such as COVID-19.
  • RIGOROUS NIGHTLY DEEP CLEANINGS are scheduled for each classroom.
  • SCHEDULED CLEAR INC. CAMPUS-WIDE ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION will be performed on the entire campus with an EPA-approved product effective on a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.
  • ONGOING CLEANING during the school day of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, handrails, restroom fixtures, etc.
  • SCRIVAS (CONTACT TRACING COMPANY) will trace any positive cases of COVID-19 and notify individuals, as necessary.
  • PEDIATRICIAN DR. STEPHANIE DECHURCH will provide education and training on COVID-19 to students, parents, faculty and staff.

Scrivas Contact Tracing

If your child is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, please keep your child at home and contact immediately. Once you have done this, we will contact Scrivas, our contact tracing company. Please be assured that all information obtained by this company will be confidential as required by HIPPA laws.

The Scrivas Contact Tracing team is activated upon notice of a positive case to assess potential exposures. Members of the CCHS community identified as CLOSE CONTACTS (those within 6-feet of the individual for longer than 15 minutes within the infectious period) through the contact tracing process will be individually notified as rapidly and sensitively as possible by Scrivas.

The CCHS/Scrivas COVID Response Plan uses public health regulations and best practices to provide guidance directly to individuals known to have been in contact with the person/(s) that tested positive for COVID-19. The Scrivas contact tracer will:
  • Interview the infected person to obtain detailed information about who they’ve spent time with, for how long and under what circumstances.
  • Contact others who have potentially been exposed to the virus due to close contact with the infected individual.
  • Offer guidance to these close contacts about their potential risk of infection and how to avoid further exposing their friends, family and others.
  • Protect each person’s privacy. When a person shares the names of friends, family members and other contacts with a contact tracer, these details will not be made public. The contact tracer also does not tell close contacts the name of the person who tested positive.

Questions or Concerns?

Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 call center: 866-779-6121 (open 24/7) or
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Christopher Columbus High School is a private, Roman Catholic, college-preparatory high school, conducted by the Marist Brothers of the Schools. We aim to make Jesus Christ known and loved, as we prepare young men for higher education and for their continuous challenge of harmonizing faith, culture and life. We foster a family spirit among all who are committed to the success of the school and promote opportunities to work together as a community of learners. 

Columbus is fully accredited by Cognia and is a member of the Marist Association of Secondary schools, the National Catholic Education Association and the Independent Schools of South Florida.